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December 20, 2012
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BS - Auriel by TaigaKun BS - Auriel by TaigaKun
My Application for :iconbellumsacrum:
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◊ Name: Auriel Tenebraus
◊ Age: 292
◊ Gender: Male
◊ Height: 192 cm // 6' 3"
◊ Country: Lux Aeterna
◊ Special Element: Fire
◊ Rank: Angel
◊ Occupation: Veterinarian
◊ Battle Class: Paladin
◊ Weapons:


◊ Abilities/Spells:

    Pheonix fire - light/fire - support - A small fluttering flame is coaxed from the injured's heart and is used to heal topical wounds.
    Molten Armour - Earth/fire - defensive - Lava encases Auriel and quickly solidifies to create a protective suit of armour.
    Pyro Slash -fire - offensive - Fire flows over Auriel's rapier, allowing him to inflict greater damage to targets.

◊ His Human:

    Name: Francoise Beaumierre
    Age: 19
    Nationality: French

◊ Personality:

    Stoic Heroic in Character, Auriel is willing to endure great hardships to protect his human from danger.
    Selfless Auriel is very conscious of others, and will often go out of his way to make others happy.
    Quick to anger A hot heat with a temper to match, Auriel won't hesitate to show someone that they've annoyed him.
    Loyal For those who are able to endure his temperment, he will be loyal to, defending them and helping them when they need it.

◊ History:
Auriel grew up in Sanctum Civitatem, the Eldest son of a wealthy merchant family. He and his siblings lived a very pampered life, being educated from home for most of their childhood, having a multitude of maids who would wait on him twenty-four-seven.

Auriel's favourite sibling was his second sister Gaea. They always Played together, pulled pranks on their fellow siblings, and were best friends. The two both discovered they shared an affinity with fire magic and began to experiment with their magic.

the two children went to play in Albus Lupus Forest one day to test who was the most advanced at their magic. The two Children had snuck out of the house, being sure not to alert any of the maids as they left. The children here giggling and skipping through the forest as small flames fluttered in their hands, illuminating the dark surroundings.

A twig snapped behind them and the children flipped their head towards the sound to see a dark figure standing behind them. In fear, Gaea's flame leapt to the ground and threw a burning wall up between the children and the figure. In a moment of panic, Gaea found herself surrounded in flames and Auriel watched as his sister and the forest were consumed by the blaze.

Auriel went on for years feeling depressed and lonely at the loss of his sister, and blamed himself for not being able to protect her. In order to feel like he was able to protect something dear to him, he became a Guardian Angel.

◊ Likes /Dislikes:
+ Small animals (puppies, kittens and ducklings in particular)
+ Practicing his fighting and magic
+ Spicy food
- Ignorance
- Cold places

◊ Additional Information:
Although he seems like a tough, blunt person, he is truthfully a warm and compassionate person. (he has a weak spot for small animals, and friends and family think he acts very out of character around them)
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TaigaKun Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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I love his armor. And his frenchie human XD
TaigaKun Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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ShyBlu Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
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TaigaKun Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I do~~~ My skype name is on my Dev ID in my profile~~
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